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    Staff & Licenses
Architectural Conservation  
2019 Galisteo Street, Suite N-10 A  
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505  
505/ 982.2448  •  877/ 982.2448  

New Mexico CID License #060296
Classifications: GB-98 (General Construction), EE-98 (Electrical), MM-98 (Mechanical) (since 1984)

Arizona ROC #235761
General Commercial (Class B-01) contractor license (since 2007)

Crocker Ltd Statement of Qualifications (PDF)

Edward Crocker, PrincipalEdward Crocker, President, has an extensive background in archeology, construction, ground water development and the preservation of historic earthen buildings. He was founding technical director of Cornerstones Community Partnerships, a non-profit organization that restores historic structures in rural Hispanic villages and Indian pueblos throughout the Southwest. Ed has served as a reviewer for FEMA publications on the seismic behavior of alternative construction materials and as Trustee for the International Council on Monuments and Sites. Among his many awards, Ed has received the AIA Architectural Research Citation as a principal researcher for "Cultural Form and Process in Building at the Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico," four National Trust for Historic Preservation Awards and seven New Mexico Heritage Preservation Awards, including one for "Outstanding Contributions in the Field of Historic Preservation." Ed is a trained Mesoamerican archaeologist and a licensed general, electrical and mechanical contractor.
Edward Crocker resumé (PDF)

Jess Crocker, Field Supervisor

Jess Crocker, Field Supervisor, has two decades of hands-on experience working with adobe buildings and earthen plasters and has developed many of Crocker Ltd's most successful technologies. He is an uncompromising craftsman whose meticulous care in the field makes him an excellent choice for work at sensitive job sites.

Luis Olivas, Field Supervisor

Luis Olivas, Field Supervisor, has extensive experience in architectural conservation, helical pier installation and the remediation of building settlement. His restoration skills include adobe repair, repair of coved walls and parapets, keying with adobe batts and the design and use of mud mortars and plasters. Luis is an A.B. Chance® certified helical pier installer.

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